Farm Biz

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Work in Progress!

Icon and Description: 


Have you ever wondered if you become the richest farmer in the world? In this game you have the chance to manage your farm and prove to the world that you are the most skilled of all farmer. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to fun!




★ Become the richest farmer in the world score!
★ Play 6 fun mini-games to organize the farm!
★ Play customer acquisition mini-game with other players online, asynchronous.
★ Colorful and vivid 3D HD graphics!
★ Found the all items collectables and the ADs will be removed!
★ A lot of upgrades to help raise farm earnings.
★ Challenge and help your friends!

Opening Video: 




Captura de Tela 2016-11-08 às 11.19.35 AM.png


Fun Facts:

• FARM BIZ was inspired by our game called “Fazendinha de Negócios” second place in a nacional contest of game develop Brazil .



The 2 guys


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